Take your on-board guest experience further with Indoor Positioning System. Offer innovative ways for guests to interact with the ship, staff and crew. Provide relevant information instantly. Improve assignment of on-board staff and optimize energy savings.


Make your guests feel special

Personalize your communication with your guests. Refer to them by name at the registration desk, offer them their favourite drink or preferred table in bars, suggest meals based on their food preferences in restaurants, simplify their gangway entrance.

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Enhance guests' interactions with staff and crew

Let your guests call the waiter wherever they are. Or in case of emergency, request assistance by a simple tap.

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Provide relevant information everywhere on-board

Provide relevant information on the spot, based on the guest's position on the ship: present details of works of art displayed on the ship, inform your guests about current happenings at specific locations and suggest things to do.

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Promote activities and products proactively

Engage with guests proactively to promote activities and products on-board. Inform them about ship arrivals to a particular geographical location.

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Assist your guests in wayfinding on-board

Provide your guests with indoor navigation and assist them in wayfinding on-board. Help them locate their approved friends and family members.

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Notify and be notified of entries to restricted area

Notify your guests when they accidentally enter restricted areas and be informed of it immediately.

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Optimize staff and energy consumption based on guests' flow

Understand guests’ flow with analytics, statistics and live data tools to improve placement of on-board staff and to optimize energy consumption.

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Internet of things

Connect devices to the Internet for the purpose of analysing, optimizing, controlling and facilitating your business processes. Our platform can enhance your business and bring you the competitive advantage.

We bring real-time data to an online platform for you to gain more control, acquire more knowledge, improve your services and products. Enter the world of interconnectivity!

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or free advice on how to enhance your business with internet of things and proximity technologies., an internet of things company with a mission to connect physical and digital worlds, was founded by Slovenian software engineering company Dhimahi – a company active in the fields of Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. With its 15 years of expertise, 20 engineers and high-profile clients around Europe, Dhimahi forms a backbone of and a channel to deliver Internet of Things enterprise solutions to its clients.