CONNECTING PHYSICAL AND DIGITAL WORLDS is an internet of things platform that connects physical and digital worlds using the latest beacon, sensor and other proximity technologies.

Indoor location

Solution for cruise ships and other indoor locations supporting indoor navigation, people and things tracking, heatmap views, analytics, location triggered messages and much more.

Indoor navigation solution for cruise ships depicted

Smart objects

Create smart objects by integrating sensors of any kind and track data in real time to optimize and enhance your business.

Solution for measuring barrier hits on go-kart tracks with sensors depicted

Physical web

Deliver the right message at the right time to smart mobile devices. It's all about quick and seamless interactions with physical objects and locations using the superpower of the web. No additional mobile application needed. Ready to use platform with easy and fast implementation.

Solution for managing complete physical web deployment depicted

Internet of things

Connect devices to the Internet for the purpose of analysing, optimizing, controlling and facilitating your business processes. Our platform can enhance your business and bring you the competitive advantage.

We bring real-time data to an online platform for you to gain more control, acquire more knowledge, improve your services and products. Enter the world of interconnectivity!

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Our clients and partners is a new internet of things start-up in the field of the latest beacon, sensor and proximity technologies with a mission to connect physical and digital worlds. Our services include indoor navigation, people and things tracking, Physical Web integration, Eddystone and iBeacon integrations, sensors integration, mobile and web application development.